Custom Machines

Does this sound familiar?   Our company could be so much more efficient if only we had the right machine to do the job.  Many times the perfect machine for the job is something you cannot simply go out and buy.   This is where custom machines are useful, if not necessary.


We Can Do It

Where there is a challenge, we will find a solution.  From small testing fixtures to large, multi-function custom machines, Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc. understands the age old struggle of boosting manufacturing efficiency to gain a competitive edge. Our design team has acquired experience in many different industries which makes us uniquely qualified to design and build a custom machine for your particular situation.  We start with state of the art design software and finish with personalized instruction and an in-house test run at our facility.  Our job is not finished until your job can be done better, easier and faster.

If you have a job that is difficult to perform with repeatable accuracy, overly labor intensive or simply inefficient, contact us.  Our design team is available to evaluate the process and offer solutions.  

Take a look below at an example of the challenges and the solutions. 


The challenge:  A machine was needed to cut a piece of flexible rubber extrusion to length, then trim both ends to a specific shape.
The challenge was keeping the part straight, flat, properly positioned and stationary during the operation.

The solution:   Using a channel to guide the part into the tooling at each end of the table ensures the part is straight.
Then a bar is lowered to hold the part flat and stationary.
An electronic sensor confirms proper positioning and indicates when the machine is ready to cycle.