Custom Part Runs

Small Orders Can Be Tall Orders

When you lack the machinery and/or skilled machinists to cost effectively produce a small quantity of custom parts in house, a small order can be a tall order.  Investing a large amount of capital for small production runs, pre-production or proof of concept applications simply does not make good business sense.


We Can Do It

Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc. has a large variety of small tools as well as heavy duty large capacity CNC machines and experienced machinists to do the work.  So when your small order becomes a tall order, contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Examples of Custom Parts We Provide

  • Copper tube rounding tools
  • Hole saw arbors
  • Spring balls
  • Custom impellers
  • Specialized grain sorting equipment

Advantages of Working with Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc.

  • We specialize in custom part runs that are too small for some larger houses.
  • Upon request, finished parts can be kept in stock at no charge for frequent customer requirements.
  • We can make production runs of welding, turning, machining, etc.,
  • We can make multiples of  nearly anything we can do individually.