Machining Services


Machining is a group of processes.  Although machining can be applied to other materials such as wood or plastics, metals are most commonly used at Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc.  Strictly speaking, conventional machining is a group of processes in which material is cut away from a workpiece using a power-driven machine tool fitted with a sharp cutting blade to achieve the desired size and shape of an object.  One might say that machining is to metal as sculpting is to stone.  A machinist starts with a large block of metal, then parts of it are slowly chipped away to reveal a "work of art" beneath the surface.   The combined processes are capable of creating basic shapes with few individual operations or finely detailed objects on multi-dimensional levels.


We Can Do It

Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc. can boast over 100 years of combined machining experience among our skilled operators.  Each of them have specialized in their respective fields.  While many of our machining tools on the shop floor are CNC operated, we still retain the old-school skills for applications where detail and craftsmanship are more important to our customers than expediency.

There are  three basic types of conventional machining. 

  • Milling - Shaping performed with a vertical mill or CNC machining center. 

  • Drilling - The formation of holes performed by a drill or drill press.

  • Turning - Lateral shaping performed by a lathe or CNC turning center.



Featuring The Fryer VB-160 Machining Center

Our newest addition to the shop floor  gives us expanded options for machining large objects that previously would have been outsourced or completed in sections. The VB-160 can machine workpieces as large as 40 x 40 inches and as long as 160” in a single pass!

Very few machine shops in the area have this size capability. Along with the large capacity, the CNC control on this machine is state of the art. It is integrated into the in-house computer network and can be programmed to cut using several methods. Through the use of 3-D CAM software, the VB-160 will accept a part of any shape and complexity, then select the proper on-board tools and design the cutting paths to manufacture your part in the most efficient way possible. 

If you would like more information on what the Fryer VB-160 can do for you, feel free to contact us anytime. 

Fryer VB-160 Features 

  • Location: Wabash, Indiana
  • Machine axis travels: 160” x 40” x 40” 
  • Table size is 165 X 40”  
  • Table capacity is 6500 lbs
  • 30 HP Spindle with 8000 RPM capability
  • Automatic Tool Changing with up to 24 different tools.
  • Ridged tapping at speeds up to 2500 RPM
  • Anilam 6000I Touch Screen CNC control
  • CNC control programming via dxf import, conversational, G-code, or external CAM software.


Other Milling Machine Options

  • Okuma ES-V4020 Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • HAAS VM3 3 axis high speed CNC with 12,000 RPM spindle and built in CMM capabilities 
  • CNC Knee Type Vertical Mills (2)
  • Bridgeport Type Vertical Mills (10)
  • 3" Horizontal Boring Mill





 In addition to many small drills and drill press machines, we have five (5) radial drills in sizes up to 54".  We also stock standard drill bits ranging in sizes from 1/8" up to 2-1/2" as well as some special application bits and metric sizes.  














We have CNC lathes in several size configurations ranging from 10" to 35" in diameter and 24" to 60" in length and experienced operators to run them.


Turning Options: 

  • Mori Seiki NLX-2500 Multi-Spindle CNC lathe with Live Tooling
  • HAAS ST25 lathe,  3" Through chuck, 15" Swing, with 21 inch travel
  • Ganesh GTW-30 Lathe, 6" Through Chuck 30" Swing, with 120" travel
  • Mori Seiki SL-4 CNC Lathe 
  • Mori Seiki SL-25-1000 CNC Lathe
  • Daewoo Puma 450B CNC Turning Center
  • Nine (9) Engine Lathes  in various sizes up to 50" diameter