Stamping Dies


Half of Our Name is a Small Part of What We Do  

Dies are metal blocks which have been machined into very specific shapes.  They are used to opposite their corresponding punches to cut and shape sheet metal in a press.  The punch and die combination is called a die set.  Die operations are capable of performing many different functions and are named accordingly.  They are not limited to a single function and may incorporate multiple operations.


We Can Do It 

Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc. has been making dies since 1946.  We have the expertise and knowledge that only experience can provide.  We use the highest quality materials available and have the skills and craftmanship to match.

Types of dies common to Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc. are blanking, forming and coining.  Blanking dies produce a flat piece of material, called a blank, by cutting along the outside of the desired shape.  Forming dies bend the blank along a curved surface.  Coining dies transfer different features onto the top and bottom of the blank by squeezing it within a confined area.  Progressive dies perform multiple operations in steps.  



Examples of Our Work